Select as many modules as you need...

Multiple modules can be arranged together and connected with outdoor walkways or decks. How you arrange them will depend on your property’s characteristics—topography, water views, stands of trees, outdoor spaces, orientation of the sun, etc. Prices shown include a full package of design fees, septic design, an allowance for site development (tree clearing, gravel driveway, underground power, septic system, and well), construction, delivery, and install of the living units. This is intended to be a complete price for the building(s), site work, septic, water, and power- from raw land to move-in ready.  Because every property is unique, along with the fluctuating cost of materials, the exact project cost will be calculated fresh with each project.

Cormorant 55
811 ft2
Flagship Suite-style Living Unit
Cardinal 45
650 ft2
Kitchen, Living and Dining + 1/2 bath
Meadowlark 40
590 ft2
2 Bedroom | Office Unit + Bath
Sparrow 32
472 ft2
Studio Apartment or Family Living Unit
Goldfinch 26
373 ft2
Bedroom or Office Suite
Project Estimate: $0